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The Olde English Bulldogge (OEB), nick named the Oldie, should not exactly resemble a modern English Bulldog. The OEB is a rare alternative Bulldogge specifically bred to be hardy and rugged like the original bulldogs were, but with a less aggressive disposition. It should be higher on the leg, have more muzzle length, in general be a bigger, stronger, healthier bulldog, and have it's natural instincts intact. It should be an athletic dogge, a free breather, with good bone, big head, and easily recognizable as a bulldog. An OEB is a gentle loving family dogge but also a fearless home protector and guardian. The Bulldogge is a natural breeder and whelper. An important point to not lose sight of is that the modern English Bulldog suffers from so many health related problems precisely because of it's exaggerated physical type. An Olde Bulldogge should resemble the bulldog represented in the early illustrations and photographs from pre-1900.

"The Olde English Bulldogge is a breed that is one in a million. Instead of developing the breed for a specific look, color pattern or size, it was developed for health, ability and temperament. It was bred to better an existing breed and this goal has been accomplished with great results and generations of healthy canines to prove it. . . . [They] make amazingly great pets and are devoted and loyal. They adjust very well to all lifestyles ranging from a single-person apartment to a large family on a big farm. . . . All in all, they are a great pet and excellent and devoted friend." (excerpted from Continental Kennel Club's report on their January 2004 Breed of the Month: Olde English Bulldogge).


All Of Big Valley's Dogges are registered with the IOEBA!